I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.
— (Mother Teresa)

2018 Fundraising goals


MI HOT YOGA Studios & Unlocked

Goal: $3,000

Project: To provide a one-year’s salary for a yoga teacher to teach free weekly classes for the women, teens and children of LLI in Huaycán, Peru.

90 Degrees North & Unlocked

Goal: $3,000

 Project: To continue Michigan Community Project’s mission of providing mindfulness, yoga and movement as access to empowerment, resilience and self care.


Goal: $3,000

Project: To help Reach Out Children’s Fund provide a solar panel for a school house in the high mountain region of Chaullacocha, Peru.



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Michigan Community Project

Unlocked partners with Michigan Community Project to support their mission of providing mindfulness, yoga and movement as access to empowerment, resilience and self-care. 

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The Light and Leadership Initiative

Unlocked partners with The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI) to fund the salary of a yoga teacher in Huaycán. LLI works in the Huaycán community to bring free education to children, teens, and women. 


Partner with us! 

Are you part of an initiative that Unlocked could support? Reach out to us about collaborating.



It is not the work of one powerful person that makes lasting differences in the world, but rather small communities making subtle yet profound steps toward change. The power of connection, collaboration and education is infinite. As we connect with local communities, educate ourselves on different cultures, and think critically about how to act responsibly, we break down the walls that divide us. Through the meaningful impacts that our retreats have on the communities in which we operate, we lay the groundwork for immediate positive change in that community, and support sustainable growth for generations to come.

What does this actually look like? Unlocked’s ripple effect means that we fundraise together before every retreat to provide a donation to a non-profit organization working in education or wellness. We provide salaries for yoga teachers in developing communities where yoga would otherwise be inaccessible. Yoga can be used as a tool to harvest awareness, contentment, confidence, drive, and physical and emotional wellness - things that a developing community needs in order to succeed. Consistency is imperative in bringing about sustainable change, so being able to provide consistent yoga to developing communities by joining us on a retreat is an invaluable gift that keeps on giving: a gift that will ripple through individual people, families and friends, entire communities, regions, countries, and ultimately, the world.