Debunk the Beliefs Holding You Back

In part one of the Create Your Life, Your Way series we take ourselves off autopilot to listen and begin trusting ourselves. If you haven’t read it yet, go do so now!

In part two of this series we talk about the core of everything we do, our beliefs. 

GPS Gone Rogue

Beliefs are the GPS and fuel that drive everything we do or don’t do. Who you are and what you do is defined by the beliefs you have of yourself. We create expectations of who we should be and who we aren’t. We label ourselves a failure or worthy based on how successful we are at following and meeting those expectations. 

We often set expectations without asking ourselves if they are true to who we really are. We give our expectations all the power. We believe if we only achieve them it would fix us. Instead we find ourselves in the same spot, except exhausted and on empty.  

Some beliefs are empowering, others hold us back. It’s not denying the beliefs you were raised with, but questioning them so you can stand by them fully (or let them go), be your best self, and create the most good. 

Prep Work

Okay friend, let’s get started! Grab a notebook or open the notes app on your phone. Get honest with yourself. Write the first thing that comes to mind as you ask yourself, 

1.   How would I describe myself? 

2.   What beliefs do I hold about myself? 

Brainstorm! Remember, there’s no wrong answer.

Understand the Why

Beliefs develop from what you experience and what you were told you had to be or do. Kids see the world with fresh eyes. Our brains take in massive amounts of information and absorb it as absolute truth. We learned quickly what is good and bad based on what others told us.

Wah-la! There you have thelens in which you view the world, yourself, and any new situation you find yourself in. I’m not telling you this so you can have a woo-is-me moment and an excuse to eat the entire tub of Rocky Road ice-cream in your freezer. I’m sharing this with you so you understand why you view the world the way you do and as an adult why it’s important to question the value each belief brings to your life.

Go back to your journal or app and review the beliefs you wrote about yourself. Ask yourself,

1.   What experiences led to those beliefs? 

Don’t stop at your first response. It often only scratches the surface. Get curious. Keep asking yourself why to get specific and clear.

2.   What stories or meaning did I give those experiences? 

3.   How do these beliefs influence the decisions I make today?

Do the Work

Nice work friend. Asking yourself these questions can be tough. Take a minute to take a deep breath. Appreciate the work you’ve done. Remember, change occurs with consistent, focused action. So here’s what I want you to do for the next 14 days.  

During the Day

Notice the self-talk you use throughout the day. Self-talk often reveals the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Ask yourself,

·      What beliefs do I have about this area of my life? 

·      What experiences led to these beliefs? 

·      What stories or meaning did I give those experiences? 

Note quick judgements made about others and certain situations. This helps uncover beliefs we have about the world and others. Again, ask yourself,

·      What beliefs are behind these thoughts and judgements? 

·      What experiences led to these beliefs? 

·      What stories or meaning did I give those experiences? 

At Night

Reflect on your experiences from the day. 

1.   What limiting beliefs did you uncover? Where did they originate from? What stories or meaning did you give those experiences? 

2.   What can you learn from both the successes and challenges? 

3.   What is one step you will take to navigate those same challenges tomorrow? 

Celebrate it all. Write it out and reflect to prepare for the next day. 

Warning! This process is not easy. I’m asking you to step outside your comfort zone and question things that were fundamental to who you are today. Recognize when emotions are high, anger creeps in, or you want to quit or run. Don’t! Stand tall. It means you’re getting closer to the truth. 

Keep Yourself Accountable 

Community is everything. I’m here to help! Let me know, what beliefs are coming up for you?  Which ones empower you? Which ones might be best to let go to be your best self and create the most good?

Share the Love

If you found this post helpful share it with your friends! We need our tribe to remind us that we’re already enough and far more capable than we sometimes allow ourselves to be. 

Great work! You’re making way for part three of the Create Your Life, Your Way series. Next, put limiting beliefs to the test and redefine them to align with your best self.  

Alright, it’s time to get at it. You got this! Let’s show ourselves some love and move forward one step at a time.

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